Benefits of The Flying Starship

  • SAFETY: Starship allows people to identify dysfunctional practices and work dynamics without becoming defensive. It creates a safe learning environment that permits people to take risks, be creative, and learn from mistakes without fear of adverse consequences.
  • FOCUS AND CLARITY: The simulation replicates the fundamental dynamics of most work systems. Participants can experience and understand these more clearly in a time-limited intense activity that stimulates group learning without the distractions encountered in their normal work.
  • ACTION-ORIENTED: The simulation involves participants with an active "hands-on", engaging learning environment. Because of the immersion in actual work and work systems, adults are given the freedom to "role play" where they might not otherwise be involved.
  • RELEVANCE: The core learning outcomes from this experience have been found to be highly accessible and universally relevant for all types of work systems. Participants have little difficulty making the internal connection from the meaning of this experience in their own work and behavior.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: All races, genders, cognitive abilities and cultural differences benefit from the types of learning that occur in the Starship workshop.